Ardbeg Uigeadail 700ml



Pronounced ‘Oog-a-dal’, it’s a special vatting that marries Ardbeg’s traditional deep, smoky notes with luscious, raisiny tones of old ex-Sherry casks. Ardbeg Uigeadail was voted by the 120,000+ strong Ardbeg Committee as their favourite Ardbeg.

Tasting Notes
"Rich, sweet and smoky, this expression of Ardbeg is both intensely flavoured and well-rounded. At full strength, the aroma is an amazing symphony of chocolate caramels and fudge with gentle smoke. Dried fruits (date and raisins) and smooth sherried notes are discovered followed by linseed and walnut oil and hints of leather.

With water, the deep smokiness increases in intensity, reminiscent of a Christmas pudding on fire. Rich flowering currants and the herbal scent of pine woodlands emerge with cinnamon balls and mint humbugs. Full-flavoured and rich with an intriguing balance between sweet, savoury and smoky flavours. The mouthfeel is full, chewy and oily with a remarkably smooth effect.

The flavour is initially sweet with Christmas pudding smothered in treacle, followed by honey glazed smoked food, barbeque sauce and olives with a burst of tingly spices (cloves and wild mint)."

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