One Off Late Harvest Getz



Superstar heavy-hitter Mike Tyson once said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Making a dessert wine is a little like that. Carefully laid plans are swiftly thrown out when grapes won’t press, juice won’t settle, ferments won’t start. I’ve never made a sticky the way I planned, but never made one I don’t love.

The Gewürztraminer came from our vineyard on the terraces at Mangatahi. We had a long, dry end to the season which encouraged raisining, concentrating sugars and acids, but not a lot of botrytis.

The grapes were hand harvested in May and crushed on arrival to the winery. They sat over-night and were then pressed for 24 hours to extract every last golden drop. The viscous juice was then cold settled and racked to a small stainless tank for ferment. The wine was chilled to stop ferment and held over spring until being filtered and bottled in Summer.

Golden with aromas of exotic ginger and apricot, backed by a long-lingering palate of peach, loquat and honey. Star quality.

Alcohol: 9.5%
Standard Drinks: 2.8 standard drinks
Allergens: Contains Sulphites

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