VaiLima Lager 12x750ml



Vailima Special Export Lager was launched in 1990 as an Imperial Pilsner with a Samoan twist and a higher ABV of 6.7%.

Brewed using traditional processes, the first step is combining the quality ingredients of sugar, local Samoan water and Australian Pale Malt. German Hallertau hops are then added to the Kettle just before the end of the boil to deliver a true Bavarian style.

Using the brewery’s own strain of yeast, Vailima Export Lager is allowed to ferment at up to 15°C for one week to ensure the beer retains maximum flavour at a higher ABV.

Vailima Export Lager is then cold matured for up to two weeks before filtration and packaging take place.

Flavour: Vailima Export Lager is a German style full body lager. It has a delightful spicy aroma and a crisp bitter aftertaste. This is a full strength lager with a 6.7% ABV.

Sizes available: 750ml Bottle

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