Malbec was always the underdog until it found a home in Argentina (becoming popular from the late 1990s onwards) and more recently, in Australia. In fact, in French the name of this thin-skinned, dark-purple grape is derived from the term mal bouche, meaning ’bad mouth’, which suggests what the old French winemakers thought of it.

Tasting Notes
Bright intense red with purple hues. Blueberries, also classic Malbec mulberry, red cherries and notes of cedar; cocoa and wafts of violets. At first this Malbec is Intense, juicy and super youthful "grapeiness" again lots of blueberries. Almost overwhelming. The Middle Palate is generous and quite sensual it is structured despite the lashings of fresh fruit Really rich and lush. The after palate is flavoursome, rich sweet berry fruits and Damson plum is on top of rolling red fruits and Blueberry pie! The finish is lush and mouth filling with a glycerol sweetness balanced by gentle tannins and a soft fresh acidity. Along with barbecues, Malbec's team a treat with bold summery dishes. As they're by no means shrinking violets in the flavour department, a chilled bottle will go beautifully with beef fajitas or big-flavoured salads. Drink now until 2025.

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