Rabbit Ranch Pinot Gris



Mr. McGregor’s Comments:
Rabbits that once were the endemic plague of Central Otago have now been replaced with the new epidemic of the area - grapevines. Although my neighbours Mr. and Mrs. C Cocky believe that 2019 was a better year for milk than wine, frankly they don’t know their udders from a crusher! 2019 has been a fantastic grape harvest with loads of very ripe, tasty fruit. Perfect!

What to expect:
As soon as you lift the glass this wine will literally leap into your senses like the startled rabbit it is. It is bounding with fresh fruit aromas and flavours that remind me of my famous vegetable garden – apples, pears and honeysuckle. This wine is a veritable smorgasbord of tastes. Apparently it is the Energizer Bunny’s favourite tipple.

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