Les Violettes CDR



Designation : Côtes du Rhône
Vintage : 2016
Grape varieties : Grenache - Syrah
Origin : Rhône Valley
Vinification : Mechanical and nocturnal harvest to avoid heat and oxidation. The grapes are ginned directly on the machine to eliminate maceration with the cobs and vegetable debris during transport. Traditional winemaking. Maceration of the grapes in thermoregulated tanks for a fortnight. Vatting during which reassemblies and shedding are practiced optimally.

Soil : Coteaux in white clay terraces, more or less stony.
Country origin : FRANCE
Sensory characteristic :
Colour : Deep and intense red color.
Nose : aromas of strawberry, stone fruits, candied oranges and spices.

Palate : it is a full-bodied and rich wine, with tannins and a fruity, peppery finish. A warm and powerful wine.
Recommendations : Ideal for all red, grilled or in sauce meats, or tasty meats such as roast lamb, beef rib, duck breast or game.
Spicy recipes. Uncooked pressed cheeses: Cantal, SaintNectaire, Tomme de Savoie ...

Serving condition in C° : 14°C
Alcohol content : 13.5
Cellar potential : 2 to 5 years

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