Rabbit Ranch Pinot Noir 750ml



Rabbit Ranch Pinot Noir 

The Central Otago High Country of New Zealand is over-run with rabbits. Sheep and rabbits coexisted on the land for some time but the sheep couldn't keep up with the nocturnal activity of the rabbits. In the end they were hopelessly outnumbered and driven off the land- they were last seen heading north. The owner of the Rabbit Ranch - Mr. MacGregor, tried unsuccessfully to reduce the rabbit population by selling rabbit pies. Eventually he decided to plant some vines and make a decent Pinot Noir to go with all the rabbit pie he was eating.

Mr. MacGregor's Notes:
"A bright-eyed red with hints of briar patch with a whiff of gun smoke"
This 2018 Rabbit Ranch is a classic Central Otago Pinot Noir, vibrant and fruity with a soft tail.

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