Black Collar Spiced Rum 700ml



Straight sipping spiced rum… as should be!

A Bay of Islands rum blended with natural spices. There’s nothing artificial here - no flavour concentrates, no fake vanilla aromas, just pure rum and spices – how all spiced rums should be!

Black Collar Spiced Rum is made at our Bay of Islands distillery where we have a storeroom full of carefully selected natural spices that we’ve sourced from around the globe. We combine these natural spices with our aged Black Collar Rum. We allow the flavours as much time as they need to marry perfectly. Some batches are ready quicker while others take longer. We’re in no rush, we let the spiced rum tell us when it’s ready.

We proof our Black Collar Spiced Rum to 40% ABV and bottle by hand at the distillery.

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