ETSU means “PLEASURE” in Japanese, made in Hokkaido by the Asahikawa distillery.
It’s a floral extravaganza with some botanicals you won’t find in non-Nippon Gins, like green tea leaves, sansho pepper, and yuzu, the endemic Japanese citrus that tastes sort of like grapefruit.

Asahikawa distillery make Etsu following a secret recipe, sourcing the water from Taisetsu mountains and filtering it through charcoal. The Spirit comes in a lovely bottle with a geisha sitting in a yuzu leaf. 

Floral nose with hints of yuzu and citrus. Fresh flavours of peppers with hints of berries and green tea. Spicy finish with notes of sansho pepper and yuzu.

  • Size: 700mL
  • Standard Drinks: 23.75
  • Alcohol Volume: 43%
  • Country: Japan

Awards: Master The Spirits Business Asia 2018

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