Michters Small Batch 700ml



Michter’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon is made from a carefully selected mashbill that features the highest quality American corn. It is then matured to the peak of perfection. Truly “small batch” each batch of our `Kentucky Straight Bourbon is batched in a holding tank sized to fit a maximum of twenty full barrels, leaving no margin for “blending out” imperfection and thus necessitating excellence from every barrel. Reflecting the spirit of the Bluegrass State, Michter’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon is nuanced, mellow and earthy. Michter’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon is also available with personalized Fort Nelson Select labeling at Michter’s Fort Nelson Distillery.

  •  Small batch. Limited quantities.
  •  Kentucky
  •  91.4 proof (45.7% Alcohol by Volume)
  •  Fire-charred, new American white oak barrels
  • Rich caramel with balanced vanilla, stone fruit notes, smoky depth, with an oak finish

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