Noahs Mill Bourbon 700ml



NOSE: Oak | Orange Peel | Walnut | Burnt Sugar | Alcohol | Tobacco 

TASTE: Toffee | Cinnamon | Roasted Pecans | Light Spice | Acidic | Vanilla

FINISH: Neat, there’s a solid burn throughout, but not unpleasant, especially for the proof with great toffee/dark caramel. Adding water, the sweeter elements come out more, with oak showing more with water. There’s an underlying fall spice that shows in the finish. And the finish is long and very pleasant, with notes of roasted nuts. 

SHARE WITH: Experienced bourbon drinkers that like a complex bourbon with spice. This proof is a bit too hot for newer bourbon fans unless water is added. 

BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST: Willett whiskeys can be hard to find; if you find a bottle, bottle. If you can’t, find a whiskey bar that carries it. 

OVERALL: Willett distills its own whiskeys but also sources others. This is sourced from other distilleries in Kentucky, the mash bill is not disclosed, and the age statement that was once on it was removed (it used to be a 15 year old whiskey). The acidic element diminishes with water, and the sweeter elements come up. Too much water, and, like most bourbons, it flattens out a bit, so experimenting with the right amount of water for your taste is important. The bottling is a bit unique: it looks more like a wine bottle, with an old-fashioned label. It’s called a “genuine bourbon”, but it actually qualifies as a straight bourbon. Willett is a great distillery, being small and family-run, and they put out excellent bourbons. For its price, Noah’s Mill stands up to just about any bourbon in its range.

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