Te Awanga Res Loom Syrah



“Every day there are countless waves, but every day there will be one that is the very best. That’s the loom. The best wave of the day. Guess the big challenge is that you never know if the wave you’re about to catch is the loom, the one, or whether it’s in fact going to be in the next set. So you’ve got to be out there a lot and the longer you’re out there, the better chance you’ll have of seeing it and riding it.

Growing grapes and making wine can be like that. The year is long, from the first leaves of spring until the fruit’s final day on the vine, deciding when to pick, that’s our wave. Once we’re on it, we’re committed and it sets up everything that then happens in the winery, ending in what we are able to create for the bottle.” RM

The third release of our reserve label, The Loom is a typical Hawke’s Bay Syrah with violets and lifted spice and dried herbs on the nose. Super concentration and depth of flavour as you sup – dark plum, spice and earthy characters with soft, supple tannins and brilliant balance.  Hey, did we tell you we love Syrah…?!

~ Vegan.

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