The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Liqueur 700ml



The Dubliner Irish Whiskey

The softest, sweetest, most delicious Irish nectar you can find in a bottle anywhere, Winner-'Best Irish Liqueur' Irish Whiskey Awards 2018.

The very best Irish honeycomb, mixed with finest caramel and premium, soft, triple distilled Irish Whiskey - the flavours meld together, producing a Whiskey liqueur of rare, sweet, delicacy. An opulent, indulgent creation from the ancient city of Dublin ' renowned throughout the world for it's creativity and wicked inventiveness'. Great on the rocks, drizzled over ice cream or in a myriad collection of other great cocktails, like the Bejaysus, 50 ml Dubliner, 20ml honey syrup, 20ml lemon juice. This is Irish myth, joy and happiness in a glass that you must try!


abundant honeyed aromas giving way to tree ripened orchard fruits.


Filled with luscious flavours of Irish honey, toffee apple, butterscotch and black pepper, this is absolutely a decadent treat.

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