Wyborowa Pure Vodka 1Lt



Wyborowa – wybo for short – genuine Polish Vodka with over 500 years of Polish Vodka craftsmanship. The pure rye grain combined with our traditional distillation technique gives Wybo its exceptional smoothness. Wybo’s quality is highlighted by more than 30 international awards since its origin. Exported from Poland – the home of vodka. Wyborowa - Pride of Poland since 1927.


1 L

Consumption Tips
Wybo is best enjoyed neat or chilled as a shot… the polish way 1. Chill the bottle 2. Prepare shot glasses for you and your friends 3. Toast with friends: raise your glass & say "na zdrowie!" 

Alcohol level

Product History
Wyborowa - genuine Polish Vodka, created in 1927 with over 500 years of Polish Vodka craftsmanship.

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